Sunday, April 27, 2014

Promethean Boards

Most classrooms that I have been in now have a Smart board or a Promethean board in them. A Promethean board is and interactive white board that connects to the computer.  The images from the computer are projected on the white board.  The board is not a dry erase board. You use the Promethean board pen to go to the next screen, highlight, write, or erase.  Teachers can use premade lessons or make up their own lessons with the Promethean board.  Teachers can also get on the internet and show students movies or articles they have found to help them teach a lesson. I have taught a few lessons myself on these boards and really like them.  The Promethean board lessons can be as interactive as the teacher wants them to be and can be used for any subject.  When I have taught lessons on the Promethean boards the students seem to be more interested and more involved.

Some uses for Promethean boards in the classroom:

  • Project existing Power Point presentations
  • PDF files (worksheets)can be displayed and marked on using the Promethean board pen
  • The laptop and projector can be used to view DVDs
  • Access to the internet using the pen to control the computer
  • Use as you would a chalkboard or overhead projector
  • Use for informal assessment
  • Use for lunch count in the morning
  • Project a to do list or morning work

If you would like to see a Promethean board in action visit the Promethean Planet website or click here to take you directly to the site.

The image for a screen from a Promethean lesson for a second grade classroom.  At the bottom of the screen you can see the different choices for use in writing with the Promethean pen.  You can choose to write or highlight and choose from multiple colors.  On the right hand side of the screen are commands that you can use by touching with the Promethean pen.
The image below shows a screen for a math lesson from the Scott Foresman -Addison Wesley enVision Math program, the curriculum used by this school.

Feel free to leave a comment on how you use Promethean boards in the classroom. 

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