Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Document Cameras

Document cameras have replaced the overhead projectors that my teachers used when I was in school.  A document camera captures information off of paper or books (anything you place under it) and projects it up on the whiteboard through a projector.  One of the advantages of the Document camera is that is does not require the use of transparencies. 

Below is a picture of a Document Camera

This type of technology has been around for a while and I debated about including it on my blog. I included it because I can not see myself not using one in my future classroom.  The district I work at has one of these in every classroom and the teachers use them often.  As you can see the day I took this picture the teacher was using hers.

For classroom use the teacher could use a document camera to:

  • Project an activity or worksheet on the whiteboard so the entire class can see
  • Show pictures from a book
  • Show a students work
  • Show and tell
  • You can zoom in on small objects to see details
  • You could put a digital timer under it for time management
  • Photos
The options are endless.  The camera captures the image in real time so the teacher or student can write on the document and it will show on the white screen. This is a great feature if you are doing an assignment together or having the students grade their own work you could write the answers in as you go.

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