Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Smart Pens

Smart Pen technology is a great note taking and studying tool.  The pen captures everything you write.  You can also hit the record button and record what the teacher was saying at the time you were writing or drawing on the paper.  The Smart Pen does require a special paper that can be purchased loose leaf or in different sizes of spiral notebooks.  To see a Smart Pen in action click here

This is a tool that would be used more often in the middle to high school levels.  It would also be a great tool for a college student. With this pen the students notes can also be uploaded to a PC.  Some models of the Smart Pens have an app that you can use with it that makes it possible for the student to use their iOS device microphone for the recoding. 

The above is a close up of the commands at the bottom of the Smart Pen paper.  By touching these commands with the pen the pen know when to start, when to pause, and when to stop recording. 

If you decide to purchase a Smart Pen I would check to make sure what types of devices it is compatible with.  I know different models of the pen are compatible with different types of devices. 


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